1 million tonnes annually of Greenhouse Gas Emissions off the road by 2026.

At Canary, our vision is to reduce carbon emissions at scale through the sustainable production of biofuels and related co-products. Backed by experience and expertise in energy, agriculture and engineering, and driven by the innovative energy of a start-up, Canary is paving the way toward a sustainable future by taking an intelligent approach to decarbonization.

Energy and Agriculture:
A perfect match

Biofuel production is the science of making our waste work for us in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. With facilities located strategically close to feedstock producers, Canary is growing opportunities for biofuel production and the agriculture industry on the path to decarbonization.

We make net-zero
possible and profitable.

In 2021, Canary became the first Generation 2 biodiesel producer in Alberta when its Lethbridge County facility began operations. We now have a second facility in Stockton, California with additional capabilities to convert locally-sourced agriculture like inedible animal fats and used cooking oil that would otherwise go unused into biodiesel and glycerin.

The result? A positive impact on both the environment and the economy, right across North America.

Investing in Canary

Growing global demand for biofuel is set to rise significantly over the next ten years, as is the demand for carbon credits, and we are well positioned to deliver meaningful growth in the industry. Our technically focused, hands-on management team with a track record of value creation​ offers a consistent approach with an unrelenting focus on cost-efficiency and operational excellence. Canary is the intelligent choice for those looking to diversify traditional investments in ways that are possible and profitable.

Responsible Growth

Transformation on this scale requires strong partnerships and productive relationships, coupled with the most rigorous governance. Together with regulators in Canada and the US, we will lead the path toward net zero with careful and considered adherence to all relevant regulatory measures.