Reporting and Compliance

Canary continues to build a strong infrastructure to support the growth of the biofuel industry in North America. To date, we  have met the following regulatory and compliance requirements outlined by California, Oregon, British Columbia and the federal Clean Fuel Standard in Canada.


Temporary pathway approval for a biomass-based diesel from fats/oils/grease residues and feedstock derived from plant oils, excluding palm oil.

Approvals regulated by the California Air Resource Board 


Temporary pathway approval for biodiesel from any feedstock derived from animal fats, corn oil, or a waste stream, and plant oils except for palm-derived oils.

Regulated by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality 

British Columbia  

Awaiting approval for provisional application submitted in March 2022. 

Federal Regulations – Canada 

Canada’s Clean Fuel Regulations take a performance-based approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Canada and are designed to incentivize innovation and adoption of clean technologies and expand the use of low carbon intensity fuels throughout the economy.

Canary will apply to the program as the company, and the program continues to develop. 

Federal Regulations – USA

Congress created the renewable fuel standard (RFS) program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and expand the nation’s renewable fuels sector while reducing reliance on imported oil.

Canary is an approved producer of D4 RINs for Biodiesel